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Andy Truong

The Designer

Born on the 27th of November in 1996, in Sydney, Australia, Andy Truong Du is a young fashion talent. At the tender age of 15, he was Australia’s youngest fashion designer. Today, Truong is still attracting plenty of fashion industry interest. This incredible teenage designer is completely self-taught. With no formal industry education, everything he’s learned has come from YouTube and the internet.

“I taught myself everything using the Internet, from sewing and hemming to how to write a media release.” Says Truong.

As still a high school student, Truong juggles homework with a casual job in order to fund his fashion dream -photography, models, fabric and fashion shows – he pays for it all himself with the money he earns. An entrepreneur even in primary school, his first sewing machine was purchased from money he raised knitting and selling scarves and iPod socks to teachers and friends.

From the age of six Truong began sewing buttons to help his Mother with the mending work she did from home. Since then, fashion has become his passion - and his obsession.

At the beginning of 2011 Truong completed his first collection ‘When Snow White Met Andy Truong’. Since then his designs have attracted interest from both boutiques and international bloggers.

Truong debuted at the coveted Melbourne Spring fashion Week's LOOK. STOP. SHOP event in September where he displayed Spring / Summer 12/13 collection, including the exclusive sneak peak of his next Autumn / Winter 2013. The success of the show left him stunned and now he has his eyes set on showcasing in the Big Apple and Paris.